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vendredi 5 septembre 2008

Louis-Alexander Désiré - Bel Canto - Mes Premiers Pas (English version)

Louis-Alexander's new CD, Bel Canto,Mes Premiers Pas, is now available. He interpretes 16 masterpieces through the ages with a beauty of tone, sustained legato and a spirituality rarely heard today. At only 13 years old this is an amazing achievement with a repertoire never before recorded by a boy soprano.

If you would like to purchase his CD new using paypal, you can either send a payment directly to via Paypal or send a message to and we will ask Paypal to let you know how payment can be made.

Cost : 15€ plus 2€50 postage and packing (France)
15€ plus 4€00 p&p (rest of Europe)
15€ Plus 5€50 p&p (US,Canada and the rest of the world)

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Anonyme a dit…

I’m not usually fond of opera, even if I feel open minded with music. I’m just not usually fond of opera. But when I found out Louis-Alexander Désiré’s videos on Youtube, I stopped clicking. I stayed several hours watching and watching the videos, almost burning my midnight oil. Some days later, I went and met him into Saint-Mery church in Paris. He was singing some masterpieces from his new album. Have you already heard that voice ? That could definitively bring peace all around the world, if everyone was listening to the boy at the same time. I’m not usually fond of opera, should I change my mind ? I don't know. But I love so much music and voices that give me a feeling for peace. I love them more than opera. Thank you Louis-Alexander. Just keep going the way you sing.

ZoR.. a dit…
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ZoR.. a dit…


You aren’t the only one who have discovered recently with the songs of Louis-Alexander that music could be so nice !
I‘ve never listened songs before which have given me so pleasure !
The first time was at the church of Saint-Merry at the 10 august Louis-Alexander’s concert.

This boy is realy fabulous.
He’s to my eyes an angel.
He’s lovely.

Congratulations and many thanks, Louis-Alexander.